About Us

As a USDA organic, JAS, EU organic, and ISO 22000 certified company, We are proud to present some of the finest Ceylon cinnamon and Ceylon spices from beautiful Sri Lanka(Previously Ceylon). Our business is one of the fastest-growing in the industry and for a good reason. We endeavor to export the highest-quality spices available. All our exports are organic, pure Ceylon spices, grown by small-batch farmers in Sri Lanka. These farms are well-organized, adhering to international safety standards and regulations. Once our farmers have harvested the spices, they are sent to our plant in Himbutana, Sri Lanka, where we process them before export.

Over the last few years, Ceylon Golden Cinnamon has become renowned as a source of high-quality cinnamon and Ceylon spices, both for wholesale and retail customers. Providing an excellent customer experience is also a priority of ours. Through our online store, customers from 98 different countries can order from our catalog of pure, organic spices. We can then arrange home delivery with a courier company(Deliver within 3-5 days through DHL Express). Now You can get the world's best Ceylon cinnamon delivered right to your door all the way from Sri Lanka, just with the click of a button. Why wait? See for yourself just how powerful organic, high-quality cinnamon and other Ceylon products can be and order from us today.


To be the pioneer of organic pure ceylon cinnamon brand and be the market leader in the world's retail and wholesale market.


To provide high quality and hygienically secured products to consumers who are seeking Pure Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and other ceylon spices.

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